St Dunstan's CollegeSt Dunstan’s college in catford is a private school for ages 3 – 18.

My personal experience of St Dunstan’s College is a good one. If you live in Catford then you will know St Dunstan’s is literally the only private school in the area. I go to St Dunstan’s College and 1 of my siblings used to go there and my other sibling goes there now.

St Dunstan’s College is very big and contains a swimming pool around 4 art rooms and 4 ICT rooms. It fits whatever you want to study.

In St Dunstan’s College they also have a big range of clubs. In the Senior School they have clubs such as Hamster Club, Photography club, Art and Crafts club, Debating club and in the Junior School they have clubs like sewing, comic club, Chess, board games club, cooking, garden club and games club.

In St Dunstan’s College the food is very good as you can buy breakfast before school in the refectory and at break you can buy a whole range of foods from crisps to hotdogs but you can also buy water bottles, fruit and so on.

I hope this has encouraged you to go to St Dunstan’s College - I have really enjoyed my time there.

I hope you enjoyed my page about St Dunstan’s College!